F Bomb

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  • Following the C.O.G signature 'tentacle" feature, we have created this unique 4” craw creature bait. Meticulously designed and tested through several revisions to create a specific profile and action. The thinner body and rib allows ease of rigging a multitude of ways and still keep the baits weedless feature. The tails comes molded together to fish when less action is desired. When seperated the tails reacts to the slightest twitch and begin their action immediately ON THE FALL. The tail profile was desigmed to imitate the pinchers of a craw and they float up in a “DEFENSIVE" position at rest.
  • This bait has been proven effective texas rigged, Carolina rigged, on a swing head, used as a jig trailer, swim jig trailer, chatterbait trailer, or on a shaker head. 

  • Designed by anglers, for anglers! 

8 per pack